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  • Bror is responsible for the research and application of innovative evidence-based learning strategies, technologies, and products across all Kaplan’s educational offerings.
  • He received an Honors BA in Mathematics and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, an MA in mathematics from Oxford University, a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT, and an MD from Harvard Medical School
  • Esther is an American journalist, educator, former Google consultant, and Vice Chair of Creative Commons Board of Directors. Esther brings decades of experience to her role at Planet3, helping empower students and teachers embrace connected, immersive learning environments.
  • She also co-authored popular education book on blended learning entitled Moonshots in Education: Launching Blended Learning in the Classroom (2015)  that explains a way to revolutionize education for the digital age.

At EdTechXEurope 2017, Bror will share his extensive insights during a session on Neuro-science in education and also during his support as one of the 2017 EdTechXEurope Chairs. 

Interview with Bror >


At our 2017 summit, Esther will share her unique perspective during a session on 'Creating Unique Learning Environments that Work' and also during her contribution to our programme as one of the 2017 EdTechXEurope Chairs.

Interview with Esther >

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  • Over the past five years, the co-founders of EdTechXGlobal have created an open, collaborative platform that connects the global EdTech ecosystem through events, insight and investment via specialist advisory firm IBIS Capital.
  • Through thought leadership summits in London and Singapore, they aim to bring together the key decision makers from across the worldwide EdTech community.  

At EdTechXEurope 2017, Benjamin and Charles will present their views on the Future of EdTech during the 'Opening Insights' presentation and through their role as 2017 Chairs.

Interview with the Co-Founders >

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