edtechx summit tracks
On the 18th of June - the 8th edition of the EdTechX Summit will continue to showcase the best and brightest minds, ideas and innovations transforming the future of learning and work. We're excited to announce our four programme tracks - including the return of our most popular tracks as well as new additions for 2020. 
The EdTechX Summit will feature 60+ sessions thematically organised in the following four tracks: 
  • Future of Work - As technology continually changes the working landscape, hear how upcoming trends in education and training will reshape the world of work
  • International Perspectives - Travel the world with a spotlight on innovations and inspiration from various global ecosystems
  • Growth - Investors, accelerators and leading entrepreneurs highlight the global evolution of the EdTech market
  • Now & Next - Highlight key initiatives transforming the future of the education and training industry

Explore more details about our four programme tracks and read more about a selection of our featured sessions below. We'll be announcing our agenda, so register your interest to be one of our 125+ speakers or reserve your place now >

Technology is fundamentally changing the nature of work.
With the rise of the Gig Economy, remote working, automation and the skills crisis, this track will focus on how education and training will adapt to upcoming trends and what the world of work will look like in years to come.

Travel the globe to learn what is happening across various ecosystems worldwide. Connect with industry leaders as they share successes and strategies in education and work from their region

Sessions during the Future of Work track will include: Sessions during the International Perspectives Track include:
  • Panel: The Future of Work and an Aging Workforce
  • Debate: This House Believe That The Age of Lifelong Learning Will Extinguish the 'Specialist'
  • Panel: Fewer & Flexible: What To Expect in the Future Gig-Economy
  • Panel: Why We Need to Un-Learn to Re-Learn
  • Fireside: Spotlight on Asia: Spotlight on Asia - Skill Sets for Today vs Mindsets for the Future
  • Panel: The Importance of Learning Design in EdTech
  • Panel: Scaling EdTech Solutions to Close the Gap for Education
  • Panel: Identifying EdTech Strategies Across K12 In EEA

The EdTech market is set to be worth $10 trillion by 2030. How do you build a successful company revolved around education and training?
What does it take to become the next unicorn in EdTech?
Understand regional and cross-border investment trends in education and training, the rise of EdTech accelerators and the global evolution of the market from leading entrepreneurs and investors in this space.
Technology is the enabler. As tech works alongside people, understanding change and disruption that lies ahead will be the heart of what we do.
This track will focus on the latest initiatives driving the disruption in the education and training sector and discuss best practices in succeeding in this new world of learning and work.

Sessions during the Growth Track include: Sessions during the Now & Next Track include:
  • Startup Accelerate
  • Panel: Spotlight on the Growing EdTech Ecosystem in Germany
  • Panel: Investor Perspective - The World of EdTech in 2030
  • Keynote: Ensuring A Sustainable And Impactful Global EdTech Ecosystem
  • Global Startup Super League
  • Keynote: The Role of Story-Telling and Multi-Model Experiences in Education
  • Panel: How Education is Building the T-Shaped Employee
  • Panel: Language Learning


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