StudySmarter Shares Their  Success After Global Startup Super League

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As EdTechX prepares for the second Global Startup Super League at EdTechX 2020, we spoke with Maurice Kudhir, Founder of 2019 winner StudySmarter, about what the success of winning the Super League meant for him and the team. Read more >

Editor's Pick: Teacherly


"I wanted to shift the focus onto the teaching workforce, build with the teachers and what jobs they do every day in mind with no noise"
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Education: Power to the People
EdTechX is delighted to have contributed to a great piece of thematic equity research led by CITI on the Future of EducationRead more >

China's Education Technology Revolution
China’s private education market is already large (US$260 billion) and growing at 9% annually. Read more >

Now & Next: The Future Schools of Africa
SPARK Schools in the Western Cape and Gauteng provinces offer a unique education model focused on continued mastery of academic goals and rooted in social emotional learningRead more >

5 Trends for Future of Education in Dar Es Salaam
Key themes including teacher support, improving infrastructure and public policy came to light. Read more >

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EdTechX Moves to Tobacco Dock
The EdTechX team are excited to announce that on 18 June 2020, we will be moving to a new venue — Tobacco Dock! Read more >

What will Education in Indonesia look like in 10 Years?
We looked at the Indonesia EdTech Ecosystem to see what the entrepreneurs, investors and education leaders believe need to be actioned to drive success in Education and Work. Read more >

EdTechX Holdings Announces Landmark Transaction
EdTechX Holdings, the world’s first listed education and education technology SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), has announced a definitive agreement. Read more >


Who let the Gini out of the Bottle?
Income inequality has been on the rise in developed economies since the 1970s, whilst in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa it has been decreasing albeit from much greater heights.  Read more >

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The Wealth of Nations
The future wealth of nations lies in the potential of its citizens. National prosperity is created not inherited. Read more...


Learning is the new Tech
In a knowledge economy, learning and AI are the new engines of growth and will contribute a staggering $13 trillion to global economic growth by 2030. Read more...

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China's "Supercities" - The New Factories of the Knowledge Economy
China's supercities of tomorrow will be a vast urban metropolis with green energy sources, smart traffic control and high speed electric commuter trains. It sounds like science fiction, but is has rapidly become science fact. Read more...

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Who is teaching the teachers?
Dire predictions abound for the acute shortage of teachers that we will face in the years to come...One thing we can pretty much know for certain, it is not going to happen. Read more...


Global Startup Super League 2019
Over 300 start ups competed in events all around the world, with the 28 finalists from 22 countries making their way to London to pitch for the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards at the final.Read more...


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"Young children do not benefit from detail scientific content, so it requires a remarkably different pedagogical approach"

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"Endurance is what defines those who succeed more than anything else"

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"I want to create something simple but suits today learner’s behaviours."

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"After EdTechX, everyone knew who we were...which led to numerous very exciting projects"

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