2016 EdTechX10 Non-Profit Awards

The EdTechX10 Non-Profit Winners will be announced at EdTechXEurope on 16th June 2016

EdTechXGlobal introduces EdTechXGlobal All Stars; extending the entries for the EdTech 20 into four categories, where we will identify the world’s super-performing, rising, non-profit and investor top 20 for 2016. We will be accepting applications globally and creating indices that showcase companies across 3 categories including geography, segmentation and industry trends.

  • The EdTech Non-Profit 10 will include:
    • Non-Profit organisations who have had the most significant impact in the EdTech community;
  • The EdTech Non-Profit 10 will be determined by our panel with significant weight given to factors including:
    • Market need, innovation and social impact;
    • To finalise the entry, please submit a case study and company logo;
    • Case studies will be a key source of evaluation;
  • Please note that EdTech Global will treat all information as highly confidential and numbers will not be made public.
  • This year’s shortlisted EdTech Non-Profit 10 winners will receive promotion before, after and during the EdTechXEurope 2016 event;
  • After successfully submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the judging process as well as an exclusive 25% ticket discount to register for EdTechXEurope 2016!

Please complete your EdTechX10 Non-Profit application no later than 31st May 2016.

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