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New for 2020 - we've launched the EdTechX Membership - offering even more ways to continue to engage with our global learning community throughout the year. From VIP ticket discounts to industry reports and quarterly trend analysis - our Membership enables you to take advantage of exclusive offers just for our most valued members.

You'll also have the opportunity to access our EdTechX Connect platform all year - you can send invitations, message members and coordinate meetings before, during and after our EdTechX summit on the 18th of June. Those attendees who are not part of our Membership group will only be able to access EdTechX Connect before and during the summit - however, you will have the chance to stay connected with our online community for the rest of 2020. 

EdTechX Members also will receive invitations to our new Leader Series events - the East Meet West networking dinners in London, US and China; the Future of Work half-day summit before EdTechX and our Teachers Meet Tech co-located event at EdTechX 2020. Only members and those hand-selected by our Leader Series co-hosts will be able to join these events - don't miss your chance to be part of the exclusive group at these VIP learning and networking events. 

The EdTechX Membership has two tiers - Classic and Signature - explore the benefits below to see details on the VIP Tickets, Continuous Content and EdTechX Community included in both Classic and Signature tiers. Looking to upgrade your experience at our EdTechX Summit on 18th June? Choose the Signature Membership to receive VIP treatment, network one to one with our 125+ speakers and experience our flagship summit like never before. 

Interested in having more members of your company become EdTechX Members? We also offer the Premier Membership which allows you invite up to 3 members of your team to all be part of the community, transfer invitations to Leaders Series events and have the ultimate VIP experience at the EdTechX summit.  See all that EdTechX membership has to offer below - then share your details so we can welcome you to our new community. 


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