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2020 Sponsors & Exhibitors

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We provide the largest companies in the wold with the essential language they need to thrive in the digital age.


Founded by successful entrepreneurs from the education sector, to pass on their experience and expertise in the field of education to young companies and founders.


Tes Logo
Everything you need to support your teaching career in one place.

Providing leading technology to Schools and Recruitment Services to automate the recruitment screening process and share data securely.

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Provides educational services and integral solutions for governments, institutions and individuals to create an effective educational environment.

CommonWealth Education and MediaThe most trustworthy and influential education and parenting media brand in the Chinese-speaking world.


2019 Sponsors & Exhibitors


100mentors empowers K12 students to develop the skills to formulate high-cognitive "why" questions by addressing the world's brightest minds, and receive 100-second personalised video answers.


Accredible logo
The world's most comprehensive badge and certificate service. Accredible helps companies automate the assurance of digital certificate, diplomas, badges or blockchain credentials.

Adaptemy Logo
Award-winning provider of adaptive and personalised leaning solutions to educational publishers. 

Avixa Logo
Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association is an international trade association representing the audiovisual industry. 

awecademy logoAn online and offline platform that offers interdisciplinary programmes, equipping learners with new competencies, future
fluencies and values. 


Amazon Web Services EdTech startup accelerator. Designed to provide startups with resources they need to get started quickly and easily on AWS.

A Flashcard and elearning Suite learning software that synchronises learning content across all devices


Cambridge logo

Part of the University of Cambridge, contributing to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the high international levels of excellence.

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Coded Minds helps you learn on point practical tech enabled iSTEAM subjects with an eventual goal towards mastery.

Codio Logo
The cloud learning platform for higher performance CS & STEM education programmes.


Provides access to relevant education and networking opportunities to increase the employability of students


a BYOD-solution that enables meaningful integration of smartphones into every lesson.



Founded by successful entrepreneurs from the education sector, to pass on their experience and expertise in the field of education to young companies and founders.

 FL_logo_RGB - Hannah Fox

A leading social learning platform that provides credible and flexible online courses and postgraduate degrees to improve working lives.


Offer bite-sized business courses for working professionals. 

IBIS Capital
Specialist investment and corporate finance advisory group focused on digital disruption across the global media, education and health sectors.

Ibtech logo

Provides educational services and integral solutions for governments, institutions and individuals to create an effective educational environment. 

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Postgraduate education qualifications in partnership with world leading medical universities and training bodies, creating most advance medical education platform.

Inkpath logo

Skills and Career development platform developed and spin out of the University of Oxford. 

Dedicated to helping you deliver world-class online education as well as recruiting international students to gain a benefit of global exposure.

JalingaLogo (stand)

Develops interactive video studios based on self-designed software. 

KempLittle Logo
Recognised as the go-to technology and digital law firm in the UK.

Kids projects logo

Enables students around the world to participate in the exploration, practice and development of soft skills

Knowledge Fox Logo

Global pioneer of microlearning and mobile learning, starting as a university spin off.

Krackin Logo

mobile-led engagement platform which brings industry and academia into a singe distinct symbiotic platform. 

Kumlaudi Logo Colour Green
Disrupting the on-demand learning marketplace in emerging markets, by connecting students and parents with instructors through a location based mobile app. 


Whether you're organising your digital life, managing teams, or running a business, Last Pass remembers your passwords so you don't have to

Leverage Edu Logo
AI_enabled marketplace helping students with college admissions and career guidance.


A pre-school English learning platform, marking English affordable, effective and fun for the next generation. 


Simplifying how people interact with each other around the world to drive meaningful insights, deeper relationships and better outcomes. 


Mandarin X Logo

Online language learning focused on working with other human beings, not just computer programmes


Based on an advanced computer algebra system, designed to make learning maths and interesting and fun experience. 

Mussila logoA fun and fast music learning app for kids. 

Provides a novel concept for educational institutions to manage their process and services for their students.

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Leading education institution utilising AI to redesign personalised content and re-engineer learning environments to cater the needs of each learner.

cropped proprep

Personalises STEM learning by providing online customised video tutorials and studying guides to help undergraduate students succeed in STEM.


Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

  QSense Logo

Provides learning analytics and adaptive solutions to educational publishers, corporate training an learning services.


European learning player that combines high-quality personalised learning content and efficient teacher workflow solutions for its customers'​ advantage.

school apply
Will help you find, get accepted and enrolled into a University that best suits you.


Aspiring to become a leading actor on the Personal Learning Environment, Intelligent Training System, e-learning and Tutoring market.


Our goal is to help its customers to develop interdisciplinary skills through the process of experimentation, using their creativity in problem-solving process.

Studiosity logo NEW

Partners with Universities to provide online student support anywhere, anytime for their students. 


Connected Language Learning - bringing fun and engaging learning applications to children around the world.


Conference and Festival cultivating and empowering a community to advance teaching and learning

The Governance logoOur ambition is to make corporate governance stimulating, engaging and fun!

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Designed to transform the way you organise and present information. 


(Formerly Time To Know K-12) A K-12 Learning & Diagnostic Assessment platform personalising the learning journey.