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What do you like about your role?

I love learning about the amazing things that are happening around the world.  It’s rare for a day to go by without learning about something incredible.

Share three predictions on the future of Edtech.

Learning will have to be:

  • low cost per user
  • something done every day
  • in ways that employers find valuable

What technologies do you believe have the potential to transform the education industry?

I think data has huge potential to deliver more personalised learning.

As we are celebrating out 5th anniversary of EdTechXEurope, we are looking at the key trends over the past 5 years in edtech. What would you say have been the key areas of change that are impacting edtech today? Anything unexpected that surprised you? Trends that were overhyped and never met their expected potential?

I think the biggest trend in education today is the need to learn throughout our careers to adapt to changes brought about by technology to the labour market.  Technology can play a huge role in enabling that to happen.  With regards to hype, I suppose in one sense MOOCs fit that bracket, as despite achieving an awful lot, they haven’t crossed the chasm and attracted the kind of people that aren’t already engaging with universities.  Until they do, they won’t have had the impact everyone hoped for.

Why is it important for all players in the edtech ecosystem to continuously connect, network and learn from each other?

Innovation tends to be recombinative.  In other words, it is the application of what works in one field to another, so it’s crucial to have a broad network to learn from.

When you think about joining EdTechXEurope this year, what are you looking forward to? What makes you excited about our event in London?

The impact of technology on employment is a really hot topic at the moment so the issue of lifelong learning should be top of everyone’s agenda.

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