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Introducing Eternally Learning - the new theme of EdTechXEurope 2018 summit.
We are growing our network to cover every aspect of the future of education and work. Be part of the widest ed - and learn - tech community! And bring your network, to shape the future of every human being in the world to be eternally learning.
Join us at the Brewery on 19th June 2018 for the following Eternally Learning sessions at EdTechXEurope:


Early Learning & K-12 Sessions: 

  • Keynote: Coding in early years - Playful programming for Pre-K kids
  • Panel: Apps and adaptive learning - Transforming engagement in early learning
  • Workshop: Teaching the 4Cs of 21st century learning to the next generation of leaders
  • Keynote: Expanding learning environments beyond the classroom
  • Panel: Tech and self-expression - Power of digital play
  • Panel: High tech, low-cost education to empower all
  • Panel: From buzzwords to tools - Use cases for mixed realities today
  • Keynote: Digitalising K12: Power of AI and personalisation
  • Panel: Future of assessment - Minimizing the achievement gap
  • Keynote: Helping students to unlock their potential with 21st century skills
  • Workshop: Future Teacher - Global Teacher Shortage Challenge
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Higher Education Sessions: 

Corporate Learning & Future of Work:  

  • Panel: Publishers - Superpowers that will deliver student outcomes
  • Keynote: Rigorous design now for student success tomorrow
  • Keynote: Ecosystem – unite! Collaboration across the field as the key to unlocking progress
  • Panel: Teaching and learning 2022 - The radical transformation of education through datamining, deep-learning, and the redefinition of the classroom
  • Panel: Personalised learning One size does not fit all
  • Workshop: Innovating in learning institutions – Building environment that works
  • Global Start-up Super League: Meet the most transformational Work and LearnTech
  • Panel: Learning analytics to help you realise the full potential of your L&D strategy
  • Keynote: The future of work - Prepare today's and tomorrow's workforce
  • Panel: Next Industrial Revolution - Where will employers acquire their future talents?
  • Workshop: 21st century workplace - Science to better work culture
  • Panel: Reimagining Corporate Education
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Life Long & Mature Learning Sessions: 

  • Keynote: You’re never too old to learn something new: Active learning in third and fourth age
  • Workshop: Designing the learning ecosystem of the future
  • Panel: Present and future of informal learning - skilling, upskilling, reskilling
  • Keynote: Credentials 2020: Can education reap the benefits of blockchain?
  • Panel: Lifelong learning as a lifeline for maturing communities
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