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Selected HE Sessions - ETE 18
  • Opening Keynote: Tech and Investment Trends That Will Drive the Education and Work of Tomorrow  
  • Panel: From Early Years to Silver Years: Driving Eternal Learning Keynote: Coursera  
  • Panel: Digitalising Education: Power of AI and personalisation  
  • CEO Panel: Leading executive view on how the future of learning and work will unfold  
  • Plenary Keynote: Tyton Global Growth 50 Company announcement and 2018 report  
  • Closing Celebration of All the Award Winners and Final Remarks
  •  Power Keynote: DaDaABC
  •  Panel: Helping students unlock their potential with 21st century skills  
  • Tech @ Lightning Speed  Panel: Diversity in education and work - Minimizing the achievement gap  
  • Power Keynote: Future of tech - More collaborative, more diverse  
  • Panel: Ecosystem – unite! Collaboration across the field as the key to unlocking progress
  • Panel: Eternal language learning  
  • Panel: High tech, low-cost education to empower all  
  • Teaching and learning 2022 - Datamining, deep-learning, and the redefinition of the classroom  
  • Founder Stories: Learning trends transforming the future  
  • Start Up Pitches: Engaging the students, improving student outcomes
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Selected HE Speakers - ETE 18
  • Alain Thillay Head of the Department for Development and Dissemination of Digital Resources Ministry of Education in France  
  • Amali de Alvis CEO Code First Girls  
  • Andrew Whitworth Director of Teaching and Learning Strategy Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester  
  • Anna Malczyk Academic Manager University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business  
  • Ashok Goel Professor Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Interactive Computing  
  • Charles Browne Professor Meiji Gakuin University  
  • Chris Jennings Analytics Academy Team Lead Google Analytics  
  • Conor O'Sullivan CEO Adaptemy  
  • Deanna Raineri Chief Academic Strategist Coursera  
  • Emran Mian Director, Strategy & Social Mobility Department for Education  
  • Fadl Al Tarzi CEO Nexford University  
  • Germán Bencci Managing Director CodeYourFuture  
  • Guillaume LAURIE Senior Instructional Designer Kedge Business School  
  • Hussainatu Blake Vice President Focal Point Global
  • Jaeques Koeman CEO EDIA  
  • Jeff Maggioncalda CEO Coursera
  • John Mikton Head of of Education and Media Technology/ Assistant Principal International School of Luxembourg  
  • Kathy Pugh Vice President - Educational Services edX  
  • Lucian Cosinschi Regional Manager, Europe Minerva Schools at KGI  
  • Paul Vermeulen Co-founder Q-sense  
  • Scott Martin Director, Virginia Serious Game Institute/Chairman & Chief Learning Engineer, Scriyb LLC Scriyb LLC & George Mason University  
  • Steven Stegers Program Director Euroclio  
  • Terence Tse Co-founder & Managing Director Nexus Frontier Tech
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