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Selected FOW Sessions - ETE 18
  • Opening Keynote: Tech and Investment Trends That Will Drive the Education and Work of Tomorrow  
  • Panel: From Early Years to Silver Years: Driving Eternal Learning  
  • Keynote: Coursera  
  • Keynote: The Power of Blockchain : Connecting learners and businesses  
  • Fireside Chat: The power of learning technologies  
  • Panel: Present and future of corporate training - Skilling, upskilling, reskilling  
  • Panel: Reimagining Corporate Education  
  • CEO Panel: Leading executive view on how the future of learning and work will unfold  
  • Plenary Keynote: Tyton Global Growth 50 Company announcement and 2018 report  
  • Closing Celebration of All the Award Winners and Final Remarks  
  • Panel: Helping students unlock their potential with 21st century skills  
  • Tech @ Lightning Speed  "University of the future: Innovation in learning institutions "  
  • Panel: Diversity in education and work - Minimizing the achievement gap  
  • Power Keynote: Future of tech - More collaborative, more diverse  
  • Panel: Ecosystem – unite! Collaboration across the field as the key to unlocking progress  
  • Panel: Eternal language learning  
  • Teaching and learning 2022 - Datamining, deep-learning, and the redefinition of the classroom  
  • Founder Stories: Learning trends transforming the future  
  • Global Start Up Super League: Meet the most transformational work and learntech innovators

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Selected FOW Speakers - ETE 18
  • Amali de Alvis CEO Code First Girls  
  • Ben Betts CEO HT2 Labs  
  • Chris Jennings Analytics Academy Team Lead Google Analytics  
  • Danielius Stasiulis Co-founder BitDegree  
  • Deanna Raineri Chief Academic Strategist  Coursera  
  • Gabriel Schaepman Vice President Human Resources Swiss Re  
  • Helen Scott Head of Chemistry William Perkin CofE High School  
  • Jeff Maggioncalda CEO Coursera  
  • Jonathan Satchell Chief Executive Learning Technologies Group plc  
  • Kathryn Stewart CEO and President Knowbly Learning Systems  
  • Kathy Pugh Vice President - Educational Services edX
  • Mathias Wildgrube Founder Education Lab - Volkswagen Group Academy Volkswagen AG  
  • Nadine Lavigne Senior Manager, Technology and Innovation Boeing  
  • Pertti Berg Director of R&D Wistec Training Ltd.  
  • Piers Lea Chief Strategy Officer Learning Technologies Group plc  
  • Sascha Ramos Senior Manager, European Training and Development Team Rosetta Stone UK Limited
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