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Minerva Schools at KGI | Germany | http://www.minerva.kgi.edu

Share a short description about your company:  

Nurturing critical wisdom for the sake of the world.

What are the key trends you believe have the power to transform the way we learn?

Taking seriously the findings in the science of learning, implementing them in technology, aligning organizational structure to achieve and iterate for learning excellence, expanding learning beyond classroom. 

The theme of EdTechXEurope 2018 is ‘Eternally Learning’. What does eternal learning mean to you?

I'd think of "Eternally Learning" across several dimensions:
Time: perpetual, unrelenting, unlimited and repeated learning;
Contexts: bringing together time and space, creatively crystallizing as well as undermining narratives and structures of reality;
On an individual, organizational and societal level bridging synchrony and diachrony.

What should the rest of the world learn about EdTech in your country?

We live in an increasingly interconnected world so I believe accumulating learning worldwide, across borders is the only way to further accelerate the learning process. Sometimes individuals are best positioned to learn and cause change, sometimes institutions can lead the way. 

Why is it important for all players in the EdTech ecosystem to continuously connect, network and learn from each other?

Every week Minerva fixes internal problems, iterates solutions, and tries new methods to improve. We are sure there can be better models of higher education and different, strong answers at all levels: pedagogical, curricular, operational. As we also know from our student group, talent and hard work are broadly distributed around the world, so we are eager to share and learn from excellence in order to accelerate change for the better.

How does your current role allow you to make a difference to education and learning space?

I advance across Europe Minerva’s groundbreaking effort in higher education: building a learning-centric university, using 21st century tools and knowledge to prepare driven, inquisitive, socially minded global citizens.
Beyond building a good model for higher education Minerva also aspires to jump-start other initiatives to devise and implement an even better model, to learn from Minerva's lessons and either join it, or find the way for an even higher qualitative improvement.

Who would you like to meet at the event?

Everyone (I can learn from - which is everyone).

When you think about joining London EdTech Week and EdTechXEurope Summit this year, what are you looking forward to?

Sharing and learning, enlisting partners committed to support and catalyze a learning-centric revolution in higher education.

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