2019 EdTech Insights Hub Header - Individual Page Header ET Insights 19 - Blair Stevenson

Oulu University of Applied Sciences |Finland | www.oamk.fi/en

How does your current role allow you to make a difference to the education and learning space?

We run Europe's first Master's degree in Education Entrepreneurship. We have also been running the world's only full-time, interdisciplinary EdTech-specific pre-incubator. This work makes us leaders in curricular EdTech as well as supporting global networks from pre-incubation, incubation to acceleration.

What are the key trends you believe have the power to transform the way we learn?

We are leaders in transforming higher education and entrepreneurship for EdTech.

Why is it important for all players in the EdTech ecosystem to continuously connect, network and learn from each other?

To be able to support a strong regional and global pipeline.

What should the rest of the world learn about EdTech innovation in your country?

Edtech in Finland is diverse and de-centralized. There are both public and private players that are taking active roles. Our role is as a leader from the public side.

When you think about joining London EdTech Week and EdTechXEurope Summit this year, what are you looking forward to?

We are already speaking with Michelle about how our Master's of Education Entrepreneurship group can connect with many events including partnerships with UCL and other universities in our European EdTech Network Erasmus project.

Who would you like to meet at the event?

Other EdTech incubators and investors interested in earliest stage startups

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