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Learning Economy| USA |www.learningeconomy.io

How does your current role allow you to make a difference to the education and learning space?

My role at the Learning Economy allows me to straddle the divide between education and technology, fusing my passion for a deep, evolving sense of what learning means inside a community with my energetic belief that technology, when wielded like a surgeon's scalpel, can profoundly improve our ability to teach transformative classes, invest in the programs creating impact, and learn according to the rhythms of each of our own personal heartbeats.

What are the key trends you believe have the power to transform the way we learn?

Critical innovations in education are 1) blurring the lines between students and teachers, 2) empowering learners to earn equity as they learn, and 3) investing in transformative understandings of the social, emotional, and intuitive contours of human intelligence.

Why is it important for all players in the EdTech ecosystem to continuously connect, network and learn from each other?

The 17th Sustainable Development Goal is: coordination. Our responsibility to learners around the world is to continuously connect, network, and learn from each other so we can coordinate around solutions to some of the toughest challenges in education. When it comes to education, the medium is the message - if we can't cultivate lifelong learning and collaboration in ourselves, what are we to say to the next generation?

What should the rest of the world learn about EdTech innovation in your country?

In the U.S. and beyond, we need companies focused on the education side of 'Ed'-Tech. Moving fast and breaking things with new technology easy; critically thinking about the effects of technology on students for the next 10, 100, 1,000 years - that's the exciting challenge.

When you think about joining London EdTech Week and EdTechXEurope Summit this year, what are you looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to fantastic conversations with people just as passionate about moving the needle in education!

Who would you like to meet at the event?

Very interested in meeting education ministers looking to transform their infrastructure, content providers looking to supercharge their distribution, and workforce hiring organizations.

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