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Western Cape Government| South Africa |westerncape.gov

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The Western Cape Government creates laws for and provides services to the people of the Western Cape. It works closely with the national government and municipalities in the Western Cape to ensure that the citizens of the province have access to the services, facilities and information they need. We are committed to delivering an open opportunity society for all.

How does your current role allow you to make a difference to the education and learning space?

As the Lead for the eLearning and After School Game Changers, my role is to drive delivery to achieve targets and outcomes that transform education, particularly for the poorest children in the Province. These strategic projects seek to close the opportunity gap between poor and better-resourced learners, to support whole-child development and to improve learning outcomes.

What are the key trends you believe have the power to transform the way we learn?

Artificial Intelligence provides a unique opportunity to meet the learners where they are in their learning cycle; improved world-wide access to high-speed, quality internet; development of relevant and relatable digital content that is exciting and stimulating enough to hook a learner and keep them interested and learning.

Why is it important for all players in the EdTech ecosystem to continuously connect, network and learn from each other?

This is a rapidly developing sector, and innovation sparks more innovation. But the business of EdTech cannot be divorced from the realities on the ground. Innovations and areas of focus must keep in mind the end client and their needs and stay rooted in the outcomes that we need to accomplish.

What should the rest of the world learn about EdTech innovation in your country?
South Africa is a country still grappling with massive inequalities entrenched during the apartheid years. The digital divide is massive, rooted in various barriers to learning such as poverty, levels of parental literacy, access to infrastructure and technology, unequal quality of education institutions and teachers. in addition, with 11 official languages, language of instruction presents yet another hurdle for poorer learners. Seeking and implementing solutions that close rather than widen the gap is the key thrust of our work, and a major challenge that EdTech innovators in South Africa attempt to address.

When you think about joining London EdTech Week and EdTechXEurope Summit this year, what are you looking forward to?

The level of expertise an range of topics covered at the Summit and during the week is stimulating, inspiring and generates new ideas. I look forward to sharing our experiences on the Southernmost tip of Africa, building new networks, and sharing in both the academic and practical showcase of innovation from a global community.

Who would you like to meet at the event?

Solution-focused EdTech experts!

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