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How does your current role allow you to make a difference to the education and learning space?

My job is to source and shed light upon innovations in learning across the globe and I have just published my first book on what is happening in Europe. Beside writing about this topic, I often talk at large conferences, advise startups and bigger companies as part of my role at LearnSpace, a startup accelerator which connects startups with researchers, educators and business mentors in order for them to scale in Europe and beyond.

What are the key trends you believe have the power to transform the way we learn?

Peer-learning and focussing on social & emotional learning have a very big potential in reshaping the way we learn collaboratively. In terms of technology I believe in the power of adaptive learning and algorithms that can create personalized learning paths for each learners.

Why is it important for all players in the EdTech ecosystem to continuously connect, network and learn from each other?

It is of utmost importance to connect with other ecosystems, to get inspired by what's happening in neighboring countries, meet fellow entrepreneurs and connect with investors to look over the edge, get new ideas and create cross-border relationships.

What should the rest of the world learn about EdTech innovation in your country?

The 'French Edtech' is one of the fastest growing ecosystems in Europe with approximately 300 startups, 2 Paris-based Edtech funds, 1 Edtech accelerator and the newly launched 'Edtech France' an organization gathering Edtech entrepreneurs who take collective action to grow their businesses in France and abroad. We've been ranked the 2nd most dynamic Edtech ecosystem in Europe by Navitas Ventures and their 'Edtech Cities' report (2018).

When you think about joining London EdTech Week and EdTechXEurope Summit this year, what are you looking forward to?

Connecting with like-minded people making things happen in Edtech globally! And it's always a pleasure to see my Edtech friends from across the globe again! ;)

Who would you like to meet at the event?

Investors, School Groups, Universities and early stage startups.

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