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Please find the application form below to nominate your company for our 2021 Startup Awards - don't miss the chance to have your company selected as one of the fastest growing and/or most impactful startups transforming learning worldwide. 
This year, the EdTechX Startup Awards include two categories, the Innovation & Growth Award and the Impact Award. To be eligible, applicants will have started to trade no earlier than January 2016 and must have an annual revenue of less than €5M.

Please use the application form below to enter for either of these two award categories.
  • EdTechX Innovation & Growth Award includes those education and training companies who have shown the most significant innovation and growth over the last year. The EdTechX Startup finalists and winners are determined by our global panel of judges by considering a number of factors including: revenue growth, scale, innovation and market impact.

  • EdTechX Impact Award includes those education and training companies who can demonstrate meaningful positive economic and/or societal impact in education and learning or prioritising 'purpose over profit'.  The EdTechX Impact category finalists and winners are determined by our global panel of judges by considering a number of factors including: improvement in life outcomes, positive economic and/or societal impact, growth, scale and innovation. 
Our IBIS Capital team and global judges will evaluate all applications and select a shortlist of the top 5 nominations - "The Finalists" - for each category. Two winners will then be selected for each category.

Finalists will be invited to deliver a pitch presentation to our global community at the EdTechX Virtual Awards Ceremony in September 2021 at the end of which the winners will be announced. The winners will be featured with an article published on EdTechX 360. The deadline for applications to the EdTechXGlobal Awards is 30th June 2021.
Before completing the form, please select the opt-in to contact box below to confidentially share your information with our judging partners and EdTechXGlobal for the purposes of considering your application for our 2021 awards. We will not transmit your data to any third parties, but will only use the company data internally to evaluate your company and then share with our appointed judges to have them select the winners.
By selecting the 'opt-in' option below, you are also granting us permission to communicate details to you about the awards, confirmation of your application and our 2021 EdTechX Events. Please read more about our privacy policy and opt-out process here:

EdTechX Startup Awards - Application Form