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Please find section 1 of the application form below to nominate your company for our 2022 ESG & Impact Awards - don't miss the chance to have your company recognised for its ESG policies and impact strategies in education and learning.
Supported by EdTechX Holdings and IBIS Capital, the EdTechX ESG & Impact Award includes those education and training companies who can demonstrate meaningful ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies and impact strategies in education and learning. The category finalists and winners are determined by an ESG and Impact evaluation methodology developed by EdTechX Holdings and IBIS Capital by considering a number of factors including: reach and affordability, quality of education and attainment of skills and employment, efficacy and sustainability, customer privacy and data security, responsible selling and marketing practices, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and business ethics and competitive behaviour.
The judging panel will evaluate all applications and select the winner from a shortlist of 5 Finalists. The winner and finalists will be announced during the EdTechX Awards Ceremony at the EdTechX Summit on 23 June 2022 at Tobacco Dock in London.
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