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EdTechXGlobal aims to showcase the most innovative education companies, inventive entrepreneurs and thought leaders from the worldwide learning community. Through our 2019/2020 EdTechXGlobal event series, we aim to highlight 300+ global speakers and are looking forward to having our community submit their ideas as to who they'd like to see showcased. 

EdTechXAsia | November 2019 | 5+ Events in Asia | http://www.edtechxasia.com

EdTechXAfrica Ecosystem EventsFebruary 2020 | 5 cities in Africa | http://www.edtechxafrica.com

EdTechXEurope Ecosystem EventsApril + May 2020 | 5 cities in Europe | http://www.edtechxeurope.com

EdTechX Summit | June 2020 | London | http://www.edtechxeurope.com

London EdTech Week | June 2020 | London | http://www.londonedtechweek.com

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