EdTechX Digital Series

EdTechX aims to showcase the most innovative education companies, inventive entrepreneurs and thought leaders from the worldwide learning community. Through the EdTechX digital series, we're highlighting the best and brightest thought leaders from across the global education industry. 
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EdTechX Stories

EdTechX Innovator Stories Online

Candid conversations between visionaries from the EdTechX community who are creatively shaping the global education industry. 
These weekly video snapshots highlight stories shared by our engaging guests about their childhood, moments that have shaped their lives, personal perspectives and predictions on the future of learning and work.


EdTechX Webinar | Online

While progress is being made, the gender gap in EdTech remains a key issue.

Join a panel of inspirational women leading the way in EdTech, as they explore the problem and the ways in which we can support and encourage women to take leading roles in EdTech.

Watch the EdTechX Webinar here  >>

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EdTechX Spotlight

EdTechX Spotlight Sessions Online

The EdTechX Spotlights are deep-dive sessions featuring industry leaders offering actionable insights for business acceleration. 
These 90-minute participatory Spotlights are co-hosted with distinguished companies from the EdTechX community - offering ideas and solutions to transform the global learning industry.


EdTechX Summit Opening Keynote | Online - 2020

For the 2020 Online EdTechX Summit, the co-founders of EdTechX - Charles McIntyre and Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet - shared their insights on how COVID-19 became the disruptor of education and work through their opening keynote.

Watch the 2020 opening keynote here >>

2020 Online Summit



EdTechX Challenge | Online -  2021

In 2021, the EdTechX Challenge was a virtual competition to source the best ideas that can transform the learning industry.
We were thrilled to have student teams from across all regions of the world represented, as well as an esteemed panel of judges and the support of our partners Google Cloud, Minds Studio, Net2Work, Transcend Network.

Watch the EdTechX Challenge Awards Ceremony here >>

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